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15 Digital Skills for PR & Marketing Pros

Technology is advancing and changing at such a rapid pace it’s tough to stay  current.  These 15 digital skills are essential for anyone working in PR and marketing today. Start learning these skills today and by the end of the year you’ll already be ahead of the pack.   DOWNLOAD THE PDF GET THE FREE […]

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Communication in Top Eight Digital Skills Needed

  First we had the digital divide – the gap between the Internet “haves and “have-nots”. While the digital divide is not fully handled,  40% of people worldwide are online now. That’s 3.2 billion of us. The conversation has shifted to: “do we know what we’re doing with technology?” The lack of digital skills and […]

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Digital is Driving PR Industry Growth

Over the past couple of years companies have been spending more of their marketing and communication budgets on digital and social media.  72% of the PR firms polled by the 2015 Holmes Report rated digital and social as one of their top three growth drivers. Statista predicts that by 2019 spend on social and digital […]

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Visibility is More About Social Than Search

Guest post by Chris Abraham, Digital Strategist at Gerris Corp. Google Penguin and Panda have changed the face of search forever. Google is severely penalizing sites that are buying links or are invested in private blog networks. Sites that have dominated search in the recent past are being penalized or de-indexed, going from the first […]

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Working with Influencers #ViralChat Q&A

#viralchat is a Twitter chat hosted by Post Planner on Thursday at 9 pm ET. Last night’s  topic was working with influencers.  Here are the questions and my expanded answers. Q1:  Why are influencers important to a business wanting to grow a Twitter presence? A1:  Let’s first define an influencer – if you have influence […]

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Lack of Digital Skills Hampers Company Progress

  Employees are aware of their lack of digital skills, they know these skills are vital to the success of the business and they’re keen to improve.  Almost half said they’d use their own time to learn these skills. But due to budget constraints companies  are not investing in digital skills training. (Source:  VMWare survey) […]

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Social Media Usage Skyrockets in Last Decade

  Back in 2005 when Pew started tracking social media usage just 7% of adults were active on social networking sites. Today that number is 65%. Over the years Pew has monitored how the rise of social media has affected our work, relationships and communication patterns and how these changes have affected business and politics. […]