PR Trends 2010: Real Time Search Speeds up the News

Early in December Google announced that they will be including real-time news and updates in their web search pages.  And soon after Yahoo followed suit.

How does this affect the news cycle and PR?  As you can see in this short video news items and Twitter/Facebook status updates are right at the top of the page when you do a search now.

So even though your website might not be on page one for the keywords and phrases relevant to your business or product, if you have content in Google News and Twitter you could show up right at the top of the page!

An increasing number of journalists are using Google and Twitter to find sources and sniff out stories. Other people’s content will be showing up in these real-time search results, so you should be thinking about how to get your news in there too.

Real-time search is just one more reason to make sure you have good quality content in the social web.

How can you socialize your news content?  This short video explains it well

A social media newsroom with news feeds gets the content out here.  Build a community of fans and evangelists on Twitter, Facebook and other social mews site like StumbleUpon so that they pass on the content and start conversations about your company and your brand