Social Media and Marketing Insights 2011

Booz & Co and Buddy Media’s recent study on the state of social media and marketing offer some interesting insights into what companies are doing now – and where they plan to invest in the future.

For instance: Social media is primarily the domain of marketing.  Less than half (48%) of companies have PR leading the social media efforts.

Social Media is the domain of marketing not PR

It seems odd that although only 48% have social media in the PR area, 88% use it for PR purposes.  Perhaps we PR folk have to fight harder for control of the social media function.

Almost 60% of the companies polled said they are going to hire in house social media talent, so if you are looking for a job in PR or marketing, social media training and experience would be your best bet.

Here’s a breakdown of who they plan to hire. Creatives are top of the list – and amazingly only 36% now have an analyst/strategy resource employed and only 43% plan to hire on in the near future.  Creating content without a strategic plan and analyzing the results is not a good idea.

48% are still looking to outsource work to partners, so social media support and content creation will be in demand in 2012.   Perhaps this 48% are also smart enough to hire a digital analyst/strategist so that their social media campaigns  hit the mark.