Strategy & Tech Tools Can Boost Content Success

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  Two recent studies show that brand engagement is the No. 1 marketing objective supported by content marketing. 66.8% of UK and US agency and brand professionals put this at the top of their list.  The biggest challenges to achieving this goal were maintaining a two0way dialog and measuring results. Almost half (48%) felt that their content was not creating any … [Read more...]

9 Image Composition Tips

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As the demand for visual content grows the ability to create excellent original images is a valuable skill.  Google's recent quality update menitoned images and the need for compelling original visuals. Here are  9 Composition Tips from Award-Winning Photographer Steve McCurry. Courtesy … [Read more...]

Google Confirms Quality Update

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Google has acknowledged and confirmed that the "Phantom Update" many publishers suspected had occurred in May is real.  The update is about how Google assesses content quality and there were changes to its core ranking algorithm in terms of how it processes quality signals. So alhtough it is not strictly a Panda update - it is related to quality of content. Quality Content … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Increase Conversion with Online Video

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  By Cokey Falkow The internet has become more than just the new wave. It's a remarkable shift in the way we as humans share knowledge. What started out as a text-heavy medium is increasingly becoming a visual medium and according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, 80% of all online content will be video by 2019. Business is realizing just how powerful a tool … [Read more...]

Should We be Storytelling or Story Making?

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  Every PR practitioner has had it drummed into them that we should be telling our brand's story. David Berkowitz, CMO of the digital agency MRY in New York City, has a different idea: he sees storytelling as just another broadcast activity, when in fact, the power of story lies in the response you evoke in the audience.  Writers know that.  Movie makers know that. … [Read more...]