Should We be Storytelling or Story Making?

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  Every PR practitioner has had it drummed into them that we should be telling our brand's story. David Berkowitz, CMO of the digital agency MRY in New York City, has a different idea: he sees storytelling as just another broadcast activity, when in fact, the power of story lies in the response you evoke in the audience.  Writers know that.  Movie makers know that. … [Read more...]

9 Must-Have Online Newsroom Features

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The 2015 Media Trends Affecting Online Newsrooms highlighted 9 areas where companies, both large and small, are missing opportunities.  Here is the checklist.  Use it to evaluate your newsroom. A featured story with visuals:  Most company newsroom are still web 1.0.  There's just a list of press release headlines with a link to the full release. The public and the media … [Read more...]

Digital Image Tips

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  We are visual creatures. Our brain responds to images much faster than to text – a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Research shows that when you have text and images on a screen, retention of the message is increased by 42%. We also know that posts with images on sites like Facebook and Twitter are getting way more response. How to take a great … [Read more...]

Social Media and Digital PR Score Big at the SuperBowl

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By Cokey Falkow   SuperBowl XLIX was a game changer - and it had nothing to do with football. No longer do we have to wait for the SuperBowl to see the commercials while the game is on and then it's over. There are new ways of speaking to an audience, tapping in to their emotions and generating real-time engagment with your audience. In the 'old days' … [Read more...]