How Small, Fast-Moving Companies Use Social Media


  We all know that most companies are using social media now.  However, exactly how they're using it is not general knowledge.  Someone who knows these insider insights is Dr. Nora Ganim-Barnes of the University of Dartmouth.  She's been studying this for five years now and she shared the 2014 stats for Inc. 500 social media use in an SNCR webinar today. The study … [Read more...]

Social Media Mistakes

social media process group

The 2015 PRESSfeed/SNCR Media Trends report shows that almost 100% of companies - large and small - are using some form of social media marketing. The problem is, not all of them are doing it right. LACK OF STRATEGY Probably the biggest, and most costly, mistake is to just jump in and start posting content on social sites without a plan. Social media is like any other … [Read more...]

Visual Content Will Rule in 2015

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As the year draws to a close we're all thinking about 2015.  How much of your content plan is visual?  Research shows conclusively that an image or photograph is the most engaging content on Facebook, garnering an 87% interaction rate from fans.  Adding a photo to your to tweets can boost re-tweets by 35%.  If your team is not yet conversant with the latest visual content … [Read more...]

How to Drive Traffic with Twitter Cards in Four Easy Steps

  A guest post by Sure Payroll Since it’s conception, Twitter has always been a hub for short, concise bits of information. With the advent of Twitter cards, individuals and brands can add greater context to a tweet with rich media, expanded messaging, and enhanced branding. Photos, article summaries, direct downloads, audio clips, and more can complement a tweet … [Read more...]