Search Dominates Top News Sites for September 2015

Yahoo google News

  The News search websites are still at the top of the list. These are the Top 15 News sites for September 2015 (Source Yahoo News - Still holding on to the top spot with 175,000,000 visitor per month Google News - Nipping at their heels with 150,000,000 visitor a month Huffington Post - now a real contender with 11,000,000 visitors a month CNN - … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Improve your Visual Literacy

visual literacy

Mouse over the image.  Watch and read all the added content on this image.  What exactly is visual literacy? Visual literacy is the ability to see, to understand, and ultimately to think, create, and communicate graphically. Visual literacy is more than a skill, it's a form of critical  thinking that enhances your intellectual capacity.  Brian Kennedy  TEDx talk. Here … [Read more...]

PR Measurement Course

analytics reporting

  Register for the Course    If you, like many other PR folk,  are still a bit in the dark about how to set goals for a PR campaign, what to measure and how to track success, we;ve created a new PR Measurement Dashboard in Google Analytics. You can download and use the PR Measurement Dashboard .  It's free. The Course If you need help with using … [Read more...]

PR Measurement – New Tools and New Skills

measure pr group

Of all the new digital skills PR pros need to learn, measurement is perhaps the most important. Unless you know what to measure, and how to measure it, you'll  never be able to show the value of your work. It is a numbers game.  That's what gets the attention of the C-suite. How much went in, what did you achieve and what did we get in return? The statistics execs pay … [Read more...]