The Social Media Cocktail Party Strategy

cocktail party social media

    Have you ever walked into one of those networking/cocktail parties at a conference? You know, the one with a couple thousand people in the room all talking at the same time? It can be scary! You probably look for someone you know and hang out with them. However, there are people in the room who could be interesting to talk to and others you’d like to get … [Read more...]

2015 State of the News Media Report

news mobile

Pew Research released their 2015 State of the Media report this week. And the major takeaway is mobile, mobile, mobile. 39 of the top 50 digital news websites have more traffic to their sites and associated applications coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers says the report. However, for half of those top 50 news sites mobile visitors tend to spend less time … [Read more...]

Why SEO is a Vital PR Skill


After 10 years the majority of companies and organizations still aren't offering the media the content they need and want. "SEO is the most underused skill and strategy in the PR industry."  Lisa Buyer, author of Social PR Secrets.   DOWNLOAD THE GOOGLE QUALITY CHECKLIST HERE Google checklist (1) … [Read more...]

Why SEO is Vital for PR Content

SEO Webinar

FREE WEBINAR APRIL 22, 2015 10 AM PDT  1 PM EDT REGISTER NOW The importance of optimizing PR content for search engines was first spoken about 10 years ago. One would think that by now  every PR practitioner knows how to do it - and does it on a regular basis. Not so. According to the 2015 PRESSfeed study of online newsrooms, only 26% of US companies are optimizing … [Read more...]

9 Must-Have Online Newsroom Features

online newsroom checklist

The 2015 Media Trends Affecting Online Newsrooms highlighted 9 areas where companies, both large and small, are missing opportunities.  Here is the checklist.  Use it to evaluate your newsroom. A featured story with visuals:  Most company newsroom are still web 1.0.  There's just a list of press release headlines with a link to the full release. The public and the media … [Read more...]