Social Media Marketing Tips

Multimedia with Press Releases Gets More Views and Engagement

  Every so often we hear that press releases are dead.  Just recently the Google updates about treating press releases as advertisements had PR folk jittery once again.  However, there is ample evidence to show that the digital age has given press releases a new lease on life. These digital releases are not your grandmother’s [...]

How To Market Your Business Using LinkedIn

If you are a business professional and not currently on the social networking website LinkedIn, you are missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity. Unlike other social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is purely a professional network with a sole objective of connecting professionals for success. There are now over 200 million [...]

The PR Approach to Link Building and SEO

Way back when Google first started they created an algorithm to rank web content based on relevance and citations. ‘Citation’ as in those footnotes you see on a research paper where one academic or researcher references other published content that supports or endorses his paper. The professor only lists (links) to the other papers most [...]

New Facebook Cover Rules

It’s not very often Facebook changes it’s rules to our advantage, but that just happened this week. The rule that there can be no commercial information or calls-to-action on your cover has been relaxed! The ’20% text on the cover’ rule still stands, but what you can say in that text is now much more [...]

Facebook’s New Graph Search – What Does it Mean for Brands?

Facebook recently announced that it is launching a search engine for the social network called “graph search.” Mark Zuckerberg described graph search as the third pillar of the Facebook experience, along with the News Feed and the Timeline. What exactly is this new search product?  Is it going to be a Google competitor?  No, says [...]

The Future of Social and Email

Sponsored Post: Despite the fact that more and more businesses are using social media for marketing purposes, email is still alive and well. Pew Research reports that email and search remain the top activities users engage in when they go online. 92% use their email every day and figures from Monetate show that the average [...]

History of Photography – Rise of Mobile and Photo Apps

This infographic was produced by Overgram, a very cool tool that allows you to add text to your images.  It’s the free version of Over, which is available in the Apple app store for 99c. Adding text to your images easily makes it possible to improve the images you add to your news and social [...]

PR Opportunities from Big News Events

If you’ve read the ebook Newsjacking by David Meerman Scott you’ll know that when a large news item such as the storm on the East Coast appears there can be opportunities for companies with relevant stories. Sandy is the biggest storms ever to hit the US and reporters and bloggers are going to be looking [...]

How Social Networks Influence Travel Decisions

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Best Practices for Using LinkedIn

Whether you’re starting a business, are a recent graduate, or an experienced professional, you need to be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great resource for those who want to connect with others in their industry, gain credibility and even those who are looking for a new place of employment. There are do’s and don’ts when [...]