Digital PR Round Up: Digital Newsroom Trend

2013 Online Newsroom report


This week there were several good posts about the trend for brands to create a digital newsroom:

Adidas’ Digital Newsroom Strategy

Adidas said its brands needed to be more relevant online in order to propel demand. It is setting up internal digital newsrooms over the next 12 months to tap into trending topics, a move that builds on the “moments of celebration and acknowledgment” real-time marketing strategy it currently employs with its agencies.

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What do Brands Need to Succeed with a Digital Newsrooms?

Traditional media have known for a long time that good publishing requires not just talent but also smart organization. But the new wave of brand publishers are starting at zero. A company whose business is helping people file taxes or making the world’s most-dunkable cookie rarely knows how to create a publishing organization within itself.  What sets great brand digital newsrooms apart?

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The PRESSfeed 2013 Digital Newsroom Report

You can watch the full webinar video discussing the findings of the 2013 study on what the media wants and how companies fall short with their digital newsroom strategy.  The slide deck has a checklist of features your digital newsroom should have.

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