Does PR Also Suffer Digital Distress?

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This week Adobe revealed information gleaned from marketers about what keeps them up at night.

Less than half (48%) feel like they’re on top of the new technology and a majority of the respondents said they have not received any formal training. They lack confidence in their digital skills and their ability to measure results.

Adobe’s report calls the situation a “crisis.” Alex Konrad commented in his Forbes article that “the results merely reinforce what many in the industry already know: digital marketing online and over social media is moving too fast to have a formal playbook that works, and many teams are being built on the fly out of necessity, not prior expertise.”

Here are some of the key points in the study:

  • Only 40% of marketers think their company’s marketing is effective.
  • Seventy-six percent of marketers believe measurement is important vs. 29% who believe they are doing it well.
  • 66% of marketers feel digital is critical to their company’s success and yet less than half feel highly proficient in digital marketing.  Worse, only 9% of marketers feel they know their marketing is working.

“Marketers are facing a dilemma,” said Ann Lewnes, CMO at Adobe. “They aren’t sure what’s working, they’re feeling under-equipped to meet the challenges of digital, and they’re having a tough time keeping up with the pace of change in the industry.”

“But the opportunity for marketers is too great to let uncertainty slow them down,” added Lewnes. “Marketers who are bold in their digital marketing efforts and investments, who are taking smart risks, and who are training their teams to be more ‘digital ready’ will be in a great position to capitalize on digital’s full promise.”

Check out the Twitter chat they held to discuss the research – #DigitalDistress

Yesterday I did a quick, informal poll of about 50 PR practitioners and they too are feeling the pinch. Managing content across multiple social channels, providing the right message to the right audience and measuring the results were the top three issues. A lack of training and a lack of effective tools were also high on the list.

What’s causing you Digital Distress?



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