Video Soon to be 90% of Online Traffic

Each year at this time  new technology ideas emerge and tech predictions are made at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

In his keynote speech Robert Kyncl, vice president, global head of content for YouTube, predicted that in a few years video will be 90% of all the traffic online.  In case you missed my earlier posts and webinars about the importance of using video in PR, I’m a believer.

Video is obviously a big platform for entertainment. But it is just as important for news content.

The vast majority of media websites now use video to enhance and supplement their stories.  Adding video to your news content today increases the chance of media pickup.  Learn exactly how your chosen media website prefers to receive their video material:  do they want a finished piece or B-roll?  Do they want it delivered with an embed code?  Does your newsroom offer these features?  Figure out how you can better service the digital journalists you want to have cover your news and then craft your news the way they want to receive it.

Take this quote from Steven Covey to heart:

If we trust our customers, we can actively listen to what they’re saying. We can build the right product for our customers, instead of finding the right customers for our products.”

OK, he is talking about physical products.  But our “product’ if you will, is news.  And our ‘customer’ for that news is the media.

Media websites have an insatiable appetite for good news content. And more and more of them want video.  To get more coverage feed them the right content in the right format.

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