10 Digital PR Tips for Earned Media

PR Newswire held a webinar this week to showcase their Earnie award winners and laid out 10 tips on how to score earned media in the digital age.

  1. Find brand ambassadors and partner with them
  2. Use multimedia content to tell stories and start inspirational conversations
  3. Become a master at newsjacking – insert your story into trending conversations and news items
  4. Evoke emotions  to build a stronger connection with your audience – video works well for this
  5. Partner with like-minded people or groups to forward the message
  6. Tap a community that supports you and use them to spread the word to their friends and followers
  7. Use offline events and meetings to create compelling online content
  8. Take chances – be innovative and interesting in your approach and your content
  9. Listen first – do your research.  Tap into relevant conversations and find the topics people are passionate about
  10. Include other people’s content. Share your brand ambassador’s content.  Re-tweet industry thought leaders

I will cover each point in depth in the next 10 days.

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Finding Brand Ambassadors

Using Multimedia to Tell Stories


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Connect to a like-minded community

Use offline events to create news content

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Posted by Sally Falkow On 23 May 2012 2 Commented

2 Responses to “10 Digital PR Tips for Earned Media”

  1. Finding Ambassadors is one thing. Whether to, and if yes, what to pay them is the next big thing, I think, and how to make that transparent.

    In Japan, legislation has not yet caught up on having Ambassadors disclose whether they are being paid in monies or in kind to Tweet/Blog about a brand or product. I am sure it is coming, but do consumers get turned off when they see the small print that it is actually paid content and not a “true,” done-out-of-the-love-for-this-product-or-brand endorsement?

  2. Sally Falkow says:

    Hi Jules

    Most of the time companies here don’t pay their ambassadors. The idea is to get more “earned media” that means not paid for. WE want genuine content fomr that blogger, not just paid reviews. Companies give them insider access, products to use and sneak peeks at new stuff or interesting content.


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