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Interview with Brian Solis: How Businesses Adapt to Social Media

Intelligence is critical. If a company wants to move beyond intelligence and actually be engaging on a social network, it has to do two things. The first is to define what value it can put into and get out of the network. The second is it has to develop a plan that that brings the brand to life in a way that embellishes rather than dilutes is. Read the Interview >>

Tips for Getting the Most From Social Media Interns

Hiring a social media intern or freelancer is the perfect way for small business owners to be cost-effective and still utilize all that social media has to offer, without adding stress to their staff. Here are some expert tips for getting the most out of social media interns.  Read the article >>

Facebook Breaks into Top Ten Ad Networks

The massive audience at Facebook helped it take a top-ten ranking for the first time in ComScore’s January survey of the number of unique visitors to U.S. Internet sites and advertising networks. Facebook was viewed by 153.0 million unique visitors in January, or 72.2 percent of the overall U.S. Internet audience that month.  Read the article >>

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