BtoB Marketers Missing Valuable Online Opportunities

Image by Adactio

Image by Adactio

Seventy percent of business-to-business technology marketers are missing valuable opportunities to directly influence sales decision makers by not incorporating Really Simple Syndication (RSS) into their company’s online marketing strategy, according to survey results released by B2B marketing communications firm MarCom Ink.

Of the 300 U.S. B-to-B technology company web sites analyzed only thirty percent had RSS feeds.  A paltry 10 percent offer more than one feed, giving the site visitors targeted information updates.

Why is this finding a significant indicator of missed marketing opportunities?

71% of technology buyers assign value to their RSS use, according to a MarketingSherpa™ and KnowledgeStorm™ survey of over 3,000 B2B technology sales decision makers – “Connecting Through Content, Parts 1 & 2”, published February and April 2007.

RSS expert Rok Hrastnik, author of “Unleash the Marketing and Publishing Power of RSS,” says most RSS marketing plans have no strategy – the  IT department simply provides a feed and RSS is checked off the list.

A video from AMEX about how they are using content syndication as a marketing tool bears out the wisdom of providing good content and syndicating it in feeds.

Another article from BtoB Magazine states that search is holdiing up as a marketing strategy in this economy and with the way Google displays search results now, it’s vital to have digital assets in all the search silos – news, audio, video, images, blogs and web sites.

Great content in RSS Feeds can markedly improve your search visibility.

In those budget meetings about how to make the most of your marketing and PR efforts, make sure a content strategy with RSS feeds stays on the list.  It’s the best way to do more with less.

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