CIPR State of PR in 2014

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK has released their 2014 State of the Profession report.

CIPR state of pr

You can see the full report here

One of the areas I was particularly interested in is how the profession sees their skill level.  65% say they are satisfied that they have the appropriate skills and knowledge required at the current time.  Only 1 in 6 says they have the required skills and knowledge for the future.

The PRSA National conference held in Philadelphia last year called “big data” the future of public relations. Yet only 53% of attendees said they understood what Big Data is. At a recent gathering of some of the most senior PR executives at Fortune 100 global companies less than one-third could define Big Data and only ten percent of those in the room had the knowledge and skills to use it.

Technology is changing the practice of PR at an alarmingly rapid pace.  Keeping up with the changes means constantly learning new skills.  Monitoring, analyzing and creating a measurement plan that show the value of PR activities and content should be a priority for every PR practitioner.

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