Google Universal, News,Images and Video Even More Important to Your SEO Strategy

Google’s new update to design and function means you have to search optimize images and video

google universal

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May 16 was Google’s Searchology day. They unveiled a number of new Google services to the media, and the one that produced the most buzz was Google Universal – the redesign of the site and the way the search engine finds and displays results.

Here are some comments from the experts:

“Google is integrating the results from several different kinds of searches – text, photos, video, news, books, etc. – onto one page. It may encourage searchers to increase their use of Google products that aren’t getting as much attention. It’s Google’s way of making vertical search results more visible. And it means more work for you.” Developer Shed Weekly

“A major change to how Google presents search results, a revision to the "main" Google that weaves videos, news, books, and other results into the Web-page results you get.” PC world “Google’s universal search adds content such as relevant videos, images, news, and maps to standard Web links with search queries. Will this move spell the end of search engine marketing?” Information Week

“Google is undertaking the most radical change to its search results ever, introducing a "Universal Search" system that will blend listings from its news, video, images, local and book search engines among those it gathers from crawling web pages. Search marketers who have paid attention to the importance of specialized or vertical search will see new opportunities.” Search Engine Land

The old Google search results page has disappeared. News, images and video results are being displayed on page one along with web pages.   In order to make room for these extra Google vertical results some of the current page one results get bumped off the page.

What does this mean for your SEO efforts? Content, content, content is more important than ever.

  • Create a constant flow of optimized news that gets picked up in Google News on your keywords
  • Make sure you use images as content and tag and optimize all images with keywords
  • Add video to your site where appropriate. Tag and optimize it for search.
  • Syndicate your content. Put your press releases, articles, images and video in an RSS feed for greater visibility

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