Is PR on the Cluetrain?

Dual forces of economic pressure and consumer demand are pushing us into the digital age, PR professionals are running to catch up.

In his white paper, The Digital Content Market: Rushing Toward Fate, Editorial Director of Specialty Publishing Group, Andy Moore says

Like two freight trains rushing toward one another on the same track, two equally powerful forces are propelling the content marketplace speedily toward an abruptly altered state. And, as in the train example, something’s going to hit the fan. Big time.”

The altered state is the near-total transformation of the information resource industry from paper and bound documents to digital. The speed with which the content industry has turned digital is astonishing.

The two forces pushing us into the digital age are economic pressure and consumer demands and expectations.

How is this affecting the PR industry?  PR professionals are proving slow to get on the train.  The Cluetrain stopped there four times a day but no one took delivery was said about big business, but it applies just as much to PR and marketing.


The Internet has become the medium of choice for most of your audiences.  People who want information turn to the Net. 


99% of journalists starting a story do their research on the Net.   The Bulldog Reporter pitch book – a great tool for anyone in journalist relationship management – reflects the increasing preference for contact by email.

Printed press packs are landing in the round file. Jounalists would far rather access the data in an online media room they can access easily.

Known for straight talking, journalists say they can’t even find a contact number on many websites.  The data they require for a story is hard to find or not there at all.

A successful website content strategy starts with applying the basics of communication.  The medium may be new, but the rules still apply. 

Who is the receiver of your message?  In the case of PR – it’s journalists.

What are their preferences and needs?  What is your objective?  Do you have their attention?  Is your message clear? Is the message appropriate for this medium?

To improve relationships with journalists and make the most of media opportunities, offer them what they need or want. Today that is fast communication online and easy access to the data they need for their stories.

RSS feeds and media rooms go a long way to achieving a successful PR content strategy.



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