Looking for Those Elusive Influencers?

Working with bloggers is a new media relations ‘must’

We know now that bloggers are influencing the news.  But the trick is to find the righ bloggers that are influencing the news in your filed. And once you’ve found them, how best to approach and interact with them.

We’ve all seen those ‘egg on the face’ blog posts when bloggers out a PR person for doing it wrong.

Social media does have steep learning curve. But it’s one that absolutely has to mastered, if you’re to succeed in PR today.

PR University has an audio conference with top bloggers this week. "Blog Pitching Update for PR: Top Tech Online Influencers Reveal Advanced Blog Relations Practices" could be just the leg-up you need.

The panelists for this audio conference are:

- Kara Swisher, Co-Executive Editor, "D: All Things Digital;" Author, "BoomTown"

- Tom Foremski, Publisher, "Silicon Valley Watcher;" Board Member, Research Fellow, Society for New Communications Research

- Neville Hobson, Blogger, "NevilleHobson.com;" Social Media Consultant; Co-Presenter, "For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report"

- John Biggs, Editor in Chief, "CrunchGear;" Author, "Black Hat: Misfits, Criminals and Scammers in the Internet Age;" Publisher, "BigWideLogic"

They’re going to speak on everything from PR pitches bloggers love to hate, to tips for using Twitter and Facebook, to the unvarnished truth about embargoes in today’s 24/7 blogosphere.

Don’t be put off by the Tech label.  These bloggers are giving tips that apply to any space.

Register here

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