Online PR and Media Relations

Where are those pesky readers?

All the time and effort that goes into building relationships with editors and journalists has a specific end in mind –  ink in a publication that reaches your target audience.


Figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations reveals that even magazine readership is down – except for celeb mags.  Seems we can’t get enough of their shenanigans. 

Other categories, including newsweeklies, women’s magazines and teenage publications, turned in mixed results, reflecting the continuing challenge for print magazines in attracting readers and advertisers in the Internet era. Even O, the popular Oprah magazine, showed close to a 10 percent reduction in circulation.


In contrast, Bella Online displays over 10 million pageviews to visitors each month and they are ranked the 2nd largest women’s website in the world.  This puts any other women’s magazine in the shade.


The Wall Street Journal reported last year that they earned more money with the online Web site than the print publication. 

Since we know that advertisers follow eyeballs, it stands to reason that they are getting more readers online than they are in print.

And getting publshed in these online news sites and magazines can get you seen in Yahoo! News as well – with an audience of alnost 30 million.


Perhaps it’s time for a serious re-evaluation of where to invest your Media Relations time and effort? 

Online PR has definitely come of age. Find out more at the news search session at Search Engine Strategies in New York next week.

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