PR Trends 2010: Video

There is no doubt that we’ve become a visual lot.  If a picture is worth a thousand words a video is definitely worth a couple of thousand.  Watching video online has exploded in the last three years. YouTube is now the 2nd biggest search engines after Google.  People search YouTube to find videos about the subject they’re interested in.  No surprise then that How-To videos are one of the most watched genres.

It won’t be long until every company is using video in some way to market their business, sell their product, extend their brand, and/or increase exposure.  Eric Franchi, who writes for VideoInsider on MediaPost opened his predictions for 2010 with this statement:

There will be an uptick in brand advertisers entering the online video space, quickly.

The growth in online video has been significant:  Nielsen released some interesting numbers in May 09 that showed Web and mobile video watching were experiencing skyrocketing growth. Nielsen’s Three Screen Report, which measures the viewing habits of Americans in terms of TV, the Internet, and mobile phones, shows that while TV viewing might still be dominant, online video usage was up by 53 percent since the same time in 2008 and the number of people watching video via cell phones was up by an impressive 52 percent.

And a few months later they reported that online video usage continued to see strong month-over-month and year-over-year growth. 2010 will be no different.

And watching videos online is not just for teenagers anymore – here are some of the demographic stats from the State of the Vlogosphere report from MeFeedia. 

More men than women watch video online (19% growth for men and 12% growth for women).  18-24 year olds do watch the most online video, followed by the 25-34 year old segment, but older demographics are starting to shift their online habits to include more and more online video. The growth rate in online video viewing in the 65+ age range was an astounding 21% — the second highest growth rate of all segments.

The time of a short form video is now down to 1 min15 seconds.  Long videos are about 8 minutes.  But many more people watch short videos than long ones.

Learn to tell your story in 1 min 15 seconds.

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