Quality of Online Content is King Once Again

Professional videos draw the ad dollars

The launch of Google’s in video ads brought some interesting facts to the fore – it’s not the flushing felines and lip-syncing college kids of user-generated video that supposedly draws so any eyeballs that got the ad dollars.  Marketers are more interested in paying customers than a slew of eyeballs just there to see a weird video.  Go figure!

"There’s a huge audience built around user-generated content but no evidence that it is a profitable business," said Peter Hoskins, who recently succeeded ManiaTV’s founder, Drew Massey, as CEO.

Marketers are looking for quality content says David Verklin, Carat Americas CEO and ManiaTV board member. "YouTube has hundreds of channels of professionally produced content. Simply put, user-created content is being held to ever higher and higher standards." 

Increasingly, user-generated videos have to compete for attention with professional, premium content, reports Ad Age. A music video from Avril Lavigne is beginning to approach Judson Laipply’s "Evolution of Dance" as YouTube’s most viewed video.

What does this mean for your PR campaigns?   You do need to tap into the vast audiences that are watching video online.  But you need to produce excellent quality content and it does not have to break the budget.  .

In the end, it’s the quality of your content that will get the result that actually affects your bottom line..


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