RSS: should you or shoudn’t you?

Divergent opinions on the corporate adoption rate for RSS

10 days ago a Jupiter Research report said corporate marketing and PR folk will not be rushing headlong into RSS feeds.

Several RSS pundits took exception to what they saw as a misreading of the value of RSS feeds.

Scoble of course says without RSS you’re not even in the game.

This week Business 2.0 reports that RSS is indeed gaining traction in the Fortune 500.

Marketing Sherpa’s report on RSS vs email also caused  a few comments.

"I believe that a smart publisher or marketer must use both – Email and RSS. Its not an either/or question, " say Priya Shah at Ebizwhiz.

There are so many ways to use RSS.  it all depends on what news or updates make sense for your business.

 "RSS will be adopted by corporations really fast," predicts Ray Valdez, an analyst at the Gartner Group.

I tend to agree – we see a strong interest in RSS feeds from very different companies. Just this week we’ve had enquiries from  

  • A visitor and convention center
  • A major software company
  • A national park
  • A large PR agency
  • A real estate group with offices in many states

Should you offer an RSS feed on the news section of your website?  Very definitely.  It will increase your visibility and your traffic.

Does it replace email marketing.  Definitely not.  They are complementary, not mutually exclusive.

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