Rubel offers Dell a route out of the Bloghouse

Dell should take this excellent PR advice to heart

My assistant had problems with her printer last week.  It took the better part of the morning to get it sorted out. Yes, it’s a  Dell.  Almost new too. 

Her frustration with the Dell experience was very vocal.  She was not at all surprised to hear there is a flood of dellcompaints in the blogosphere.

Dell finally called Jeff Jarvis to discuss his dellcomplaints

There is no realization that there is an opportunity (and, don’t they now know, a danger) in this era of the empowered consumer-as-publisher, blogged Jarvis.

"The most sensitive question for the brand is this: What’s the net impact of a curious buyer stumbling into Jeff Jarvis’ nastygram?" says Intelliseek’s Pete Blackshaw. "This is where brand reputation and purchase behavior take a hit,"

Steve has offered some great advice on how they could turn this around ,but I’ll be surprised if they can see further than their very corporate noses.

The time when you could ignore bloggers is long gone.  Every PR department or agency should have blogger relations front and center in their strategy.

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