The sale of Ask Jeeves could boost the importance of content

Another change in your search marketing options

The sale of Ask Jeeves to InterActiveCorp (IAC) does make a change in the search landscape.  Although only at the 5% mark now, this new direction opens all kinds of doors.

Search Engine Journal reports that as IAC owns many of the largest Internet properties including,, Expedia, Ticketmaster, CitySearch,, the Home Shopping Network and is finalizing the purchase of the massive US catalogue retailer Cornerstone Brands we can expect to see an Ask Jeeves powered search box on all the  IAC-owned websites.

Teoma (the actual engine that powers Ask Jeeves) uses a unique and very accurate ranking algorithm.

Teoma places far more weight on site-content and relational linking than it does on the number and relevance of inbound links like Google does.

So with three of the four main search engines more interested in what a site says than what its link partners do, it’s time to beef up your content strategy and SEO copy writing skills.

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